Nano Graphene Coating

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Nano Graphene Coating Technical Specifications Main ingredients (General terms): Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), Organic Polysilazane, Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvent, Silicone Resin, Siloxane Surfactants, Reduced Graphene Oxide None of the materials listed in this product are considered carcinogens in NTP, IARC or OSHA. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request for more specific information on composition. Solubility with water (in bottle): Not miscible Appearance and odour (in bottle): Brown viscous solution, non-pungent odour Capabilities listed are maximum approximates and based on a single coat application on automotive clear coat that has been cleaned, decontaminated, polished and appropriately prepared. More information for preferred after-care to maximise durability available. Bonding durability (normal conditions): 5 Years - 350 washes pH neutral or < pH 12 - Climate range -20°C to + 35°C Bonding durability (extreme conditions): 5 Years - 180 washes pH >12 - Climate range -40°C to + 40°C Hydrophobic properties durability (normal conditions): 2 Years - 150 washes pH neutral - 80 washes pH >12 Average coating thickness: 0.8 – 1.0 μm (micrometre/micron) Coating thickness effectiveness range: 0.3 – 0.5 μm (micrometre/micron) Surface suitability: Gloss/matte clear coats on automotive body, vinyl wraps, paint protection film (PPF) wraps, acrylic parts, chrome/stainless steel/metal parts, gloss/matte plastic trims and fittings (Installing on glass windows and windshield will present application difficulties due to viscous state of product, may cause irregular wiper movement, durability not tested) Chemical resistance: < pH13, > pH 3

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