Repellent Express RX

Repellent Express RX

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Repellent Express (RX) Coating (50ml)

We have the pleasure to announce the 30% discount for Repellent Express. Discount will be automatically deducted at checkout. 


Special polymers are used in this product to produce its excellent self-cleaning abilities. Designed to be fuss-free and easy to use for installers of all proficiency looking to protect surfaces in the fastest possible working time. 


Suitable for use as a maintenance solution for existing coatings, top coat or standalone coating product with compatibility and convenience across a wide range of existing products and surfaces.


Key Features


• Water Repellence Contact Angle : 115° - 125°

• 6 Month Bonding Durability

• All Surface Use

• Rapid Water Dispersion

• Abrasion Resistant

• Slightly Chemical Resistant

• Water Repellent

• Excellent Self Cleaning Abilities

• Low Surface Friction

• Spreads Easy

• Fuss-Free Application

• Broad Product Compatibility


Product Finishing


• Bright Gloss
• Reflective Shine
• Extremely Sleek
• Darkens Matte Surfaces
• Enhances Matte Shine
• Vibrant Colors

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