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Certified Applicator Program

Thanks for your interest in the Artdeshine Certified Applicator Program.

Artdeshine’s certification program is a multi-stage program designed at verifying the expertise, knowledge and dedication of applicants.  Successful candidates will gain access to the following benefits:


– Valid warranty backing with our flagship Nano Graphene Coating & our Ceramic Metal Oxide coating

– Discounted Pricing

– Exclusive Marketing & Promotional Opportunities

– Access To Our Worldwide Distributor & Installations Network


The certification program is open to both professionals and enthusiasts alike and all candidates will be assessed equally and fairly based on the merits of their application and results. Artdeshine prides itself on offering professional products to both segments of the industry with a major focus on offering support, training and community to ensure users of our products are achieving the results they both desire and expect.


Just a little of your time to fill out an application, send it to us via email and then engage with our representatives to ensure you’re getting what you need from our coatings. We don’t support or believe in accreditation fees, so 24/7, 365 days a year, we offer free accreditation with framed certificates of authorisation. 


For all applications, please email:

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