SCHOLL - S0 Matting Compound

SCHOLL - S0 Matting Compound

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Scholl Concepts S0 Extreme Cut Matting Compound

"Liquid sandpaper"

Scholl Concepts S0 is a body shop safe silicone free matting compound for both new and used paints. Scholl Concepts Extreme Cut S0 "Liquid Sandpaper" allows you to easily remove severe defects and flatten rough surfaces efficiently. Scholl Concepts S0 has the versatility to be used with Rotary, Dual Action, or by hand and works well on all paint types. Leave the sanding discs behind and remove severe defects easily with Scholl Concepts S0. Use with caution! After removing severe defects, follow up with Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL to restore a high gloss finish!

Scholl Concepts S0 is also the perfect product for preparation of surfaces for paint repair.  


  • Extreme cut.
  • Body shop safe - Silicone and wax free.
  • Easily removes deep scratches, bird etchings, extreme water spots, and heavy defects.
  • Versatile - Dual action, rotary, or hand.
  • Use on multiple paint types.


  • Made in Germany.
  • 1kg.
  • Cut: 8/8.
  • Gloss: 0/8.
  • Grit: p1000.


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